Recently have been trying to amass my own sort of studio set up that is small enough to be able to travel with, but in depth enough to take professional grade photographs. In the past I used flashes a lot more than would use continuous light sources. After working a lot within the cinematic space I learned to love continuous light sources for studio photography. I will always use an onboard flash for mobility sake when shooting events or sports. But the ability to change my light quality settings quickly and more fluidly is very appealing to me in a studio setting. Recently I have been growing peppers and getting these new soft box lights has coincided with some of the peppers being picked so I snapped some quick photos of said peppers under the lights.

Published by Joe Kannel

Ithaca College Park School of Communications graduate with a BS in Cinema Production. I have been shooting and editing both photo and video across multiple mediums since age 13. I love helping people express themselves personally and professionally through photo and video.

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