Grandfather’s Memories

Recently I was able to finally get the equipment I needed to begin a lengthy project that has been on my mind for years. My grandfather was a photographer and also happened to travel a lot in the military and in his years after the military. As he and his wife grew older they began looking at moving closer to my mother in order to make elder care easier for us all. When packing up and moving out of his house he presented me with nearly 1000 glass slides he had created of various 35mm photos he had taken beginning sometime in the early 50’s. The slides have accumulated all sorts of physical artifacts over the years and will take a lot to be digitally cleaned. I am lucky enough to still have them both around and hope to at least get a least a few prints to them before the end of the month when we are celebrating his 90th birthday. See below for a self-portrait of my grandfather taken in Vienna around the year of 1955.

File Recovery

Lately I have been working on recovering past work from old drives and an old laptop internal disk drive that had partially corrupted. Some of these efforts have proven fruitless but I have managed to salvage some old film scans and some video as well. I will update my portfolio section with the fine images I had from the past and rough images that I will be re-editing. See below for a botched contact sheet scan of one project

I also finished a quick animation so I am finally getting the hang of aseprite and hopefully will be creating a logo I enjoy using that software. For those that are interested in checking it out click the link for a free trial version with option to buy.